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I am Katie and I host cacao ceremonies, women's circles and spiritual retreats in Sussex and North Devon. I also support people with 121 spiritual coaching both on-line and in Brighton. 

My offerings are intended to support you to connect to your own inner wisdom, to help you find your voice and your own unique truth so that you can live the life that brings you the most joy and fulfilment. 

I am inspired by my experience with Yoga in all it's forms not just the physical aspect. Working with me can involve movement, breathing, meditation, relaxation, journaling, cacao, intuitive wisdom and so much more. Every session, circle and retreat is unique and very much guided by who is present and what they need.

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Go Deeper

A chance to go further in immersive environments, whether you have a few hours, a day or a week to spare, make time for you.

Sussex & North Devon


"There really aren’t words babe, when I’m in your presence I feel completely and utterly myself, I am empowered and I believe in myself, thank you for allowing me to step into my power. My tank is still so filled by the love and magic of the weekend. It was so easy and smooth it was how life should be"

Gen, Retreat Guest


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