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Rock Balancing

121 Coaching

Designed to help you find more joy in life

Feel great at Yoga but find that once you leave and go back to the "real world" that feeling fades and your stress and worries return or you just feel a bit meh?

Based on the underlying ethos of Yoga these 121 coaching sessions are designed to take aspects of Yoga beyond the mat to help you build your own toolkit so that you can experience more joy in your day to day life. 

Over a minimum of 6 sessions we will have the opportunity to understand the best way to support you in your life, whether it is more calm and balance you need or more inspiration and direction.

These sessions are designed to help you to gain clarity and find ways of moving forwards into more joy and harmony in your life, whatever that looks like to you.

Sessions are on-line and use a combination of coaching with aspects of Yoga including meditation, relaxation and breathing providing a safe space for you to get really clear on how to best support your happiness using the most effective tools from Yoga.

During your time as a client you will also have access to my on-line Yoga classes to support the work we do together.

121 Coaching: Classes
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