A Little More About Me

Taking Yoga beyond to mat to live life to the fullest

Firstly, you should know it is not my chocolate obsession that created my business name. Kit Kat is the name my nephew called me before he could say Katie properly and it has stuck. It is special to me and so is my work so it just made sense.

My passion to support people's mental and physical health comes from my personal experience having suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and depression myself. You can read more about my story here.

Yoga is so much more than what we do in class or on the mat. When you start to take what we can learn from Yoga both in terms of physical things like breathing, meditation, movement and combine it with the attitude and ethos that underpins Yoga you can start to build a life that is kinder, calmer and more harmonious.

Everything I offer has this goal in mind, to help you take Yoga beyond the mat in your own way to experience more ease and joy as you navigate the natural ups and downs in life.



Well, there is very little yoga instructors out there that make you re-connect with your true self. Katie F. is one of them. After all my years of practice I can really value the essence of a good class. Katie F. not only grounds you but makes you feel that connection between mind, body and soul.

Vinyasa Flow at Crawley Yoga