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Introducing InJoy Yoga

I am so excited to be teaching a new Gentle Hatha class Fridays 10am at InJoy Yoga.

I met Rosanna, InJoy Yoga’s Founder, a few years back and recently started working with her through her coaching work at RozyGlow. Rosanna is an incredibly inspiring woman and teacher and I am amazed at the unique offering she has created at InJoy Yoga.

InJoy have a very skilled group of teachers, each specialist in what they teach and mentored by Rosanna herself, but also 'experts' in their own right. Not only do you get a yoga teacher but also an aromatherapist, doula, nutritionist, reflexologist, coach and relaxation expert. Between all the teachers at InJoy they are a one stop shop for all things holistic and well-being related.

From chair to pregnancy, postnatal, baby, toddler, gentle and strong forms of yoga, there really is something for everyone.

Most of you know my passionate is taking Yoga beyond the mat to manage stress and anxiety in every day life and I am excited to be able to expand this work into my new class. This class is suitable for everyone, we will move slowly and mindfully giving you a chance to really connect in with your body and have the chance to take something with you to continue that lovely Yoga feeling well into your day to day life.

They have always offered a concession rate and 'payment by donation' option as they know that money can prohibit many from accessing the very resources they need the most, and they believe it doesn’t have to be that way. When those that can, pay for a service at the value it is worth, it allows companies like InJoy to reach those who simply can’t. Moving online has meant they can offer even better deals as class sizes are not limited by space.

I am loving being part of this community and I know so many of you would love it to.

Head over to InJoy to check out their great offers for on-line classes and to book your class. "See" you on the mat : )

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