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The Journey

Once upon a time there was a Queen who had everything she had ever asked for, but she was not happy.

She felt lost, disconnected and alone. She was longing for her tribe, her sense of belonging. She was disconnected from her ancestry and from nature.

The Queen embarked on a path towards going back to her roots, reconnecting with the woman inside of her, the wild woman, her animalistic side, her true self.

Along the way things got dark, there was loss, a sense of dying. She traveled through many nights. At times she wished she wished to turn back but there was always a little light along the way and encouragement from those on a similar path.

After travelling many nights and meeting many people she arrived into a clearing one sunny morning and there stood a lake.

It was in that moment she knew she was home.

It was not the place you see. It didn't matter where she was or what she had. In that moment she realised that her home was inside of her. When she stayed connected to her roots, her truth, she was always home.

She stepped out of her old skin, shedding the layers she no longer needed, the restrictions, the labels, the smallness, the limitations.

Pushing her old skin, her old self, into the lake she stepped out shiny, new and radiant. Full of light.

She looked down to find two gifts;

A mirror, to remind herself that it was her she was looking for and to remember that whenever she started to look outside and expend her energy out towards others she should instead turn that all inwards towards herself.

The second gift was a ball of light, a bright globe of glowing energy. A reminder that she had all she needed right there and her job was to keep that light bright as it represented her inner fire, her soul and it was there to protect her.

As she stood there looking at these gifts a Heron flew to her with a small bag around his neck. This was the third gift, to know that although all the answers she needed were always inside her that along the way there would be guidance and people to support her on her path of remembering her true self.

She smiled, thanked her old self, said goodbye and began the next chapter of her life with an immense feeling of belonging, knowing that she was forever home.

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