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Playful Flow Live On-line at 6pm

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Gentle Yoga Live On-line at 6pm 

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Monthly workshops and retreats have moved on-line, more details here.


Which class is for me?

Katie teaches on-line offering 2 types of classes: Playful Flow and Gentle Yoga. All her classes focus on creating space for you to connect to your body in that moment.

Playful Flow: A stronger class with a little play time to explore the foundations of balancing and inversions. This class will still have plenty of options so is suitable for all except complete beginners or those in the early stages of recovering from injuries. It is worth remembering that inversions aren't just headstands and handstands, legs up the wall is also an inversion!

PLAY is the key here- no expectation or need to DO anything, just have a little fun building strong and safe foundations to maybe one day (or not) catch a balance or go upside down. Don't count yourself out of this one too quickly, come try it or message me if you are not sure.

Gentle Yoga: A slow paced gentle class with a longer meditation, relaxation and some breathing along side some movement all designed to really bring you back to balance and leave you feeling rested and restored.

In all classes you will be encouraged to let go of any expectations and instead allow yourself to move exactly how you need. Katie’s approach is all about taking Yoga beyond the mat so each class will pull on different aspects of Yoga, including the underlying philosophy, breathing, meditation, movement and relaxation with the aim that you can take something with you into your everyday life to create more harmony and balance.


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